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5. Oct 2017

15 days ago

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5. Nov 2017

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Crypto Tickets Is a new standard in the industry of entertainment: distribution of tickets with an automatic billing, minimal costs, without fakes, with clear rules of the game. The main task of the project is to create a blockchain platform which can be used by the world’s ticket industry to solve the main market’s problems, such as fake tickets and an unmanageable secondary market.

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Why Ticketing Industry Needs Blockchain




Egor Egerev - CEO & Founder

Ilya Sergeenko

Katerina Kirillova - Co-founder & strategy

Country of origin Russia


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Hello, everyone! Talk with #cryptotickets founder Egor Egerev in HuffPost. "#Blockchain is the #technology industry’s future. In order to understand more about it, we interviewed Egor Egerev, who is CEO and founder of Egor has over 12 years of experience running music festivals and technology solutions for massive entertainment event organisers. He’s also the founder of the largest industry conference in Russia, Moscow Ticketing Forum." a day ago

Oxxxymiron tweets about a guy who came up to him saying that his friends had bought tickets for the battle from resellers because there were no more official tickets left. You can guess what happened after, they were deceived. This case shows again that the idea of building an #ecosystem using #blockchain technology is needed. #Cryptotickets are designed to prevent speculations and attempts to make profit from spectators by selling them false tickets or sell the same ticket to several persons. 2 days ago

The #cryptotickets #blockchain project promises to solve the problems of the market of #tickets to entertainment events and transform the relations between ticket buyers and ticket vendors. The founders of the project have long been active in the ticket business. They have even already created their first ticket sale platform, Tickets Cloud. The new ecosystem, now protected by #cryptography, engages to change the whole mechanics of selling tickets to entertainment events, with the #TicketsWallet application becoming an instrument for spectators to protect their rights. How are they going to do this? Here is a column by Egor Egerev, the CEO and founder of Tickets.Cloud. 3 days ago

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