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FLIX CryptoFlix

Movies streaming and film funding platform powered by blockchain

15. May 2018 - 15. Jun 2018

CRYPTOFLIX is a media company on the Blockchain to exploit this huge void in the paid content market, which is only achievable by circumventing the normal payment options and using digital currency. We are also the first Media company - both on the Blockchain and outside - to dare to offer free online content with educational purposes via films and TV to everyone, regardless of their location, origin, or socio-economic status. Through the development, patenting and utilization of new technologies, our aim is to facilitate users to stream movies legally by making it cheaper than downloading pirated versions.



Christian Falkenberg Husum - CEO & Producer

Stefan Steen Larsen - COO & Digital Rights Expert

Bastian Noreen Larsen - Full Stack Developer

Gabriela Y. Rios - Marketing Manager

George Thomas - Blockchain Developer

Jonathan Brathwaite - Legal Advisor

Peter Rommel - Producer & Advisory Board Member

Edward Arentz - Film Distributor & Advisory Board Member

Manmeet Singh - Strategic Advisor, Asia

Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez - Educational Content Ambassador

Country of origin Barbados


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)