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Platform to Empower Startups and Investors

1. Jul 2018 - 20. Sep 2018

The CyBit solution empowers ICO developers to visit the platform, submit their funding requirements, and use CyBit channels to get evaluated by potential Investors. Upon successful evaluation, the Investors will invest in their projects using CyBit Tokens. The entire process is secured using smart contracts. The platform protects the rights of each stakeholder.



B. Lee Jones - CEO

Paul Macfarlane - CMO

Kathleen Wolf - Chief Financial Officer

Garima Singh - Chief Strategy Officer

Naquib Hatami - Founder

Guney Demirci - VP of Operation

Simon Choi - Legal Counsel

Babak Rafat - Manager of Social Media

Jyoti Gujral - Lead Content Developer

Anshu Rawal - Consultant Business Analyst

Anne Parker - Director of Communications

Jessica Cottrell - Director of Client Services

Combaiz Hatami - Community Development Expert

Mustafa Koten - Community Development Expert

Michelle Hoover - Executive Assistant

Talha Noyan - Community Development Expert

Rishi Anand - Cheif Developer

Jasmeen Singh - Lead Developer

Julius Mallik - Lead Developer

Iman Mallik - Lead Developer

Parnasree Chowdhury - Lead Developer

Harroop Kaur - Developer

Ashish Sharma - VP Developer

Kamaljeet Singh - Developer

Harpreet Kaur - Developer

Ugur Bulut - Developer

Country of origin Hong Kong


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