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Data Choice
Data Choice

TM-DCT Data Choice

Control Of Your Personal Data

1. Nov 2018 - 16. Dec 2018

The Data Choice team formed at Google & plan to revolutionise digital marketing, being included in the Top 20 Europe this year by Google for Entrepreneurs They believe that control of your data is your human right & want to put you back in control. Choice in the Data you share, choice in the type of ads you see & of course to rewarded you it's your data.



Andrew Bruce - Managing Director

Sean Worrell - Director

Graza Garlewicz - Account Strategist

David Frenchi - Business Development

Gemma Piedrafita Parra - Pr/Account Strategist

Wil Levitt - Head of Digital

Ray Willig - Evp Sphere Development

Yuri Lapitsky - Cto Sphere Devlopment

Valeriy Prokopchuk - Sphere Senior Developer

Giuseppe Bellanca - Fintech/Ad Network Advisor

Boyan Josic - Blockchain/Crypto Advisor

Reuven Cohen - Security/Blockchain Advisor

Graham Doggart - Crypto Advisor

Randy Clemens - AI/Blockchain Advisor

Country of origin United Kingdom


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