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DIW Token
DIW Token


Decentralize Security

3. May 2018 - 31. May 2018

DIW’s unique concept plans to solve global security vulnerabilities in regards to private sensitive data including Identification documents, Bank details, Login details and Health care records to name a few with the introduction of a Secure Digital Vault. Additionally it will enhance the use of crypto currencies by providing access to their use on thousands of websites.



Stephanos Constantinou - CEO & Co-Founder

Christopher Zenios - COO & Co-Founder

Simon Zenios - Chief Legal Officer

Lucas Andrew H. - CFO

Steven Nonis - Solidity Developer

Michael Jakobsen - Blockchain & Software Consultant

Chrysanthos Nonis - Security Penetration Officer

George Zachariou - Senior Security Officer

Anton Bogdanov - Cryptographer & Application Developer

Nikolas Konstantinou - Chief Networking Officer

Constantina Samara - Senior Web Designer

Ben Boyadjian - Chief Analytics Officer

Country of origin Marshall Islands


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)