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Build Winning Teams, AI Powered & Underpinned by Blockchain

1. Aug 2018 - 29. Aug 2018

DREAM is the world's leading marketplace for high-end blockchain talent and has already handled thousands of projects collectively worth over $10m. Machine learning creates new possibilities to build teams and manage tasks. The blockchain underpins trust with verified reputations pulled from our network of partners. Too many projects fail due to bad planning. DREAM is trained by thousands of industry experts and delivers projects based on what’s worked for past successful teams. One-to-one hiring doesn’t scale. DREAM defines the scope and then matches and assembles the team, based on skills, reputation, and personal fit. Verifying credibility is a challenge. DREAM pulls verified reputations from our network of blockchain partners. Customers benefit from top talent, and freelancers benefit from the success of projects they have worked on.



Richard Foster - CEO & Founder

Amy Diez - CFO & Сo-Founder

Frank Fichtenmueller - CTO

David 'DC' Collier - Head of Technology

Edaan Getzel - Head of Design

Weiqi Li - Head of Product

Pavel Feklistov - Lead Developer

Subramanian Venkatesan - Blockchain Architect

Lee Raj - Solidity Developer

Danylo Kolesnychenko - Product Manager

Sergey Mitrofanov - Infrastructure Engineer

Vladimir Popov - CMO

Erwin Doornbos - Head of Growth

Vladimir Popov - Head of Strategy

Sam Howard - Head of PR

Andreea Tilibasa - Social Media & Community Manager

Fabian Vogelsteller - ERC 725 Advisor

Country of origin Gibraltar


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)