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OMI Ecomi

Pay, Protect and Collect with Ecomi

The ECOMI ecosystem utilizes blockchain technology, physical hardware devices, and digital assets, to combine four primary sectors in the space: 1. Protection of private keys (for crypto-assets and DApps) 2. Real world cryptocurrency payments 3. Crypto-Collectables 4. Secure storage and sharing of information and data

By using smart contracts to execute arbitrary functions, the ECOMI platform allows for immutable protection of digital assets, and the decentralization of data storage.



David Yu - CEO

Daniel Crothers - COO

Joseph Janik - CIO

Mikel Duffy - CTO

Lucas Young - Full Stack Developer

Daniel Zheng - Front End Developer

Nishanth Shankar - Full Stack Developer

Dhruv Dangi - Mobile Developer

Chien-Ming Su - Solidity Developer

Rhys Skellern - Communications Manager

Fendi Thien - PR Coordinator

Oliver Finel - Community Manager

Steven Connery - Solution Architect

James Li - Licensing Manager

Douglas Hand - Art Director

Sean Liang - Sales Manager

Howard Lin - Customer Service

Alfred Kahn - Head of Global Licensing

Rob Salkowitz - Advisor

Country of origin Singapore


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