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Blockchain-based solution to the global housing crisis

15. Aug 2018 - 15. Sep 2018

The main aim of ehab is to revolutionise the way we create, design, fund and think about urban places. The global housing crisis is a problem which requires a holistic approach; that enables thriving communities to be established whilst raising the standards of house building across the board. They intend to achieve this by transitioning the residential house building sector from a centralised, unsustainable, profit driven sector. To one which is led by people. To one which maximises human well-being, minimises impact on the environment and allows for a more equitable distribution in the financial gains of housing. Solving the global housing crisis is not as simple as building cheap housing. They want to create a digital framework which is flexible enough to deliver solutions of all kinds to all the different nuanced problems stopping thriving sustainable communities to emerge and flourish.



Josh Graham - Founder & CEO

Filipe Moura - CTO & Developer

Michael Williamson - CFO

Matheus Salvia - Software & Blockchain Developer

Aaron Fickling - Brand Strategy & Design

Michael Stiff - Brand Strategy Consultation

Ricardo Oliveira - Blockchain Developer

André Feijó Meirelles - Blockchain Developer

Fausto Vanin - Solutions Architect

Juliano Lazzarotto - Blockchain Business Developer

Daniel Adornes - Blockchain Developer

João Teló - Blockchain Developer

Renan Kruger - Blockchain Developer

Country of origin United Kingdom


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