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ELM Electrominer

Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem

17. Dec 2018 - 12. Feb 2019

Electrominer is a self-powered Mining Platform where users rent hashing capacity to mine various coins on various algorithms. Electrominer was created to address the challenges of mining PoW based cryptocurrencies. They have their own datacenters equipped with ASIC and GPU miners to mine profitably and effectively, their own solar power station to efficiently power their equipment, and Electrominer platform's mining capacity will be available for anybody to rent and utilize for mining through the web portal. Electrominer Tokens (ELM) have a fixed supply and represent a share of total mining capacity available for rent on the Electrominer platform to use for mining Bitcoin and other PoW based coins. Electrominer's total mining capacity will grow proportionally with the expansion of their mining facilities. Electrominer Tokens allow you to access the Electrominer Cloud Mining Platform to mine a variety of coins. ELM will never become obsolete, outdated, or broken. ELM can be used for mining coins and sharing in Electrominer's ever-increasing mining capacity, and it can be sold at any time. Electrominer is open to anyone who shares and is willing to contribute to our vision for revolutionizing the mining industry in order to make cryptomining accessible to everybody, while simultaneously working to reduce the harmful environmental impact created by typical cryptomining services.



Almas Zhumanov - CEO & Co-Founder

Aziz Aznabakiyev - CTO

Natalia Shipovalova - Marketing Manager

Kenneth O'Leary - Construction/Development Manager

David Hall - Chief Construction Officer

Alexander Fedorchenko - Software Developer

Amit Trivedi - Mobile Developer

Olga Aznabakiyeva - Web Developer

Andrew Taraba - Social Media, Video

Abylay Babashov - Project Manager

Nitin Shah - Strategic Consultant

Phillip Abdallah - Community Management

Country of origin USA


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