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EMAC eMarketChain

Blockchain-powered e-marketplace where manufacturers and consumers can buy, sell and rate goods online without commissions

28. Apr 2018 - 28. May 2018

eMarketChain is an online platform engaged in both fiat and blockchain currencies, with an ecosystem that acts as a e-marketplace and payment ecosystem for goods. Its native currency is the EMAC token. Their goal is to bring the lowest costs to the e-commerce industry by obviating the need for commission-based services at both the customer's and service-provider's ends.

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Martin Shoilev - Developer and Co-Founder

Alexander Petsoranski - PM and Co-Founder

Konstantin Hadzhiev - CTO and Co-Founder

Andrea-Franco Candela - Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Léa Ly Cambiaggio - Marketing Executive

Jeffrey Sova - US Market Advisor

Viktor Pavlov - Asia Market Advisor

Daniel Petrov - Social Networks Commercial Coordinator

Ivailo Daskalov - Solidity developer

Borislav Bliznashki - Front-end developer

Antonela Elmazova - UX & UI Designer

Katerina Kuzmanova - Financial analyst

Country of origin Bulgaria


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