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The Interoperability Framework Empowering Decentralization

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Symbol ESS
Token sale opening date

7. Jun 2018

in 15 days

Token sale closing date

7. Jul 2018

in 2 months


Essences are full fledged, decentralized and interoperable containers of complete digital lives. Essence allows individuals, organizations or machines to fully own their data and assets.



Mirco Mongiardino - Product Lead

Matteo Gianpietro Zago - Project Lead

Vladimir Holubovych - Operations Lead

Artur Petrovych - CTO

Stefan Djokic - Technical Team Lead

Bedros Awanesian - Head of Business Development

Alex Grek - Senior Developer

Vlad Pushkar - Head of Marketing

Valentine Panasiuk - UI/UX designer

Olga Trykush - Community Manager

Nikolay Hryshchenkov - Cryptographer

Anna Kunytska - Community Manager

Kateryna Ponurkevych - Content Manager

Aleksejs Petenko - Senior Project Manager

Roman Boyko - Blockchain developer

Alex Pikuta - Frontend Developer

Alexander Jer - Blockchain expert

Oksana Zaharchuk - Blockchain, JS, Nodejs developer

Sergey Zaharov - Backend Developer

Anatoliy Kurotych - Backend Developer

Dmytro Horbach - Social Media Manager

Roman Loboda - Backend Developer

Alina Volynets - Community Manager

Country of origin Switzerland


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Latest news

Essentia to become first blockchain based solution from Finnish Government through collaboration with MTK · a month ago

Essentia co-founder to deliver a Keynote Speech at the World Blockchain Forum · a month ago

Essentia Welcomes Moe Levin to the Advisory Board · a month ago

Essentia April Monthly Update · a month ago

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Our agenda is always jam-packed with lots of events. Last week Essentia co-founder, Matteo Gianpietro Zago, visited… · a day ago

Hey, everyone! We are excited to launch our very first fan-art competition! The winner will be a proud owner of 10… · 7 days ago

The walkthrough article for our demo product is out! Feel free to use our product and check out how to manage dozen… · 7 days ago

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Hello! Today is the day when we finally announce the winner of our fan-art competition! It was an excellent chance to put your humor and creativity to the test and earn 10 000 ESS tokens (worth 500$) According to the rules, the most likes wins! So as you can see we have a clear leader in this contest, we congratulate 沈穎宏 with a flawless victory! Hooraay! Please contact one of our admins to clarify all the details regarding your reward. Thanks to everyone who participate, see you in the next competition! 20 hours ago

Hey, guys! You know how much we love attending events, and our agenda is always full. Last week our co-founder, Matteo Gianpietro Zago, paid an unexpected visit to the Consensus 2018, an event that doesn’t need any introduction. During the conference, we met many prominent people and had a whole lot of fun. Check out the photo report we’ve prepared to find out whom we met and learn some news! a day ago

We are glad to have such a supportive community and we want to see how creative you guys are. Everyone can participate and take this opportunity to show the world how creative, witty, and artistic you are! You can create memes, gifs, coubs and anything else that comes to your creative mind. Do your best with your amazing design and be the one to win a prize of 10 000 ESS tokens to be awarded immediately after the ICO! Rules of the Essentia GIF competition: 1 - The Essentia fan-art competition will run for 5 days, starting from May 14th, 12.00 CET till May 20th, 2018 at 12.00 CET time. The winner would be announced on May 21st at 19:00 CET. 2 - Only high-quality submissions (in terms of design and concept) will be considered - to be creative!😉 Place your submissions in the comments below. 3 - Contestants are allowed to make multiple submissions - so let that artistic spirit run wild! 4 - We will not accept submissions that are insensitive, offensive, depict nudity, or promote hatred/bigotry. Let's show the world how classy our community is! 5 - The submission with the most reactions will be the winner. Let's make this first competition a success everyone! 7 days ago

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