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FNQ Finnoq

Protocol for decentralized opinion markets

15. Oct 2018 - 15. Nov 2018

The Finnoq protocol produces a better basis for decisions by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd and game theory principles. The protocol is an open source digital infrastructure for decentralized opinion markets where developers have access to. Every developer can build their application on top of the Finnoq. The developer will be able to choose modules from the service layer. Modules are the bridge between the Finnoq Core and its end applications and represent different kinds of voting parameters. Templates are also generated as pre-defined groups of modules, proven to execute for an end application. All modules can be easily integrated into an application with an standardized API.

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Florian Kögl - CEO & Founder

Georg Felber - COO & Founder

Stefan Thallner - Head of Development

Smit Pandit - Full Stack Developer

Marc Melchor - Full Stack Developer

Jean Laurent Wotton - Head of Marketing

Philip Steiner - Marketing Operations

Suzana Jaramaz - Pr/Communication

Eszter Naghi - Community

William Perlmutter - Correspodent/Analyst

Alexander Berger - Graphics

Patricia Wenigwieser - Head of Human Resource

Martin Walch - Junior Human Resource Manager

Country of origin Austria


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