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Foodcoin Ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem designed to put up a global marketplace of food and agricultural products on the platform of 1000EcoFarms, using Ethereum technology. The platform is aimed to provide to the large and small producers and consumers of agricultural products an equal access to the global market of production and distribution of consumable goods for and foodstuffs using modern financial instruments.



Mark Meytin - Co-founder

Gregory Arzumanian - Co-founder

Liz Reitzig

Sergey Grigoryan

Konstantin Maratayev

Anna Maslova

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Since we started working on our marketplace and community for producers and consumers of local, natural food, we have heard many similar complaints from our current and prospective customers - it is expensive for farms and other small businesses to conduct transactions online, it is hard to validate quality or quantity of wholesale purchases, and there always trust issues between participants especially for larger purchases. Fortunately, we think we have found a technological solution for these problems, based on a newly developed and very popular technology - blockchain. While many people have heard about #bitcoin, the same foundational technology can be used for many other things, so we have devised a strategy to adapt it to food-related transactions. We will be launching a new project, that aims to solve the problems outlined above - FoodCoin. To learn more about this effort, please follow the link below. While it is a separate project, it will help 1000EcoFarms enhance its services, lower costs for our customers, and bring a large set of new capabilities to the platform. You can learn more about the project and follow its progress by visiting #foodcoin #blockchain #ethereum #cryptocurrency #smartcontracts #1000ecofarms #crypto #token #ETH #BTC #foodtech #agtech #presale 2 months ago

Do you know the story about raw milk stigma in the United States? Humans have been drinking cow milk for ages, and dairy farmers around the world routinely sell it to customers and drink it themselves. But in the US it has somehow evolved into a controversial topic. Learn more about how that has happened from these informative videos by Nourishing Liberty. #rawmilk #dairy #milk #knowyourfood #foodfreedom #realfood 2 months ago

Coming up this weekend! If you are in Maryland or anywhere in Baltimore/Washington DC area this is a great opportunity to learn about local food, meet the people that grow it and buy fresh local products! Many farms in #MontgomeryCountyMD are opening their doors, including Butler's Orchard, Heyser Farms, Hilton's Farm & Garden, Rocklands Farm, Waredaca Brewing Company, Red Wiggler Community Farm, R B Savage & Sons Farm, LLC, Kingsbury's Orchard, Global Aquaponic System Company and others! 3 months ago

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