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FYS Fysical

Location Data Market Protocol

3. Sep 2018 - 7. Sep 2018

Fysical is the infrastructure for the transparent and compliant exchange of location data; foot traffic sensor readings, store visit information, commute routes. Fysical allows data suppliers to share and monetize their location data, while maintaining transparency, ownership, and control. At the same time, Fysical provides data buyers with the optimal way to access and validate data and its source. Fysical directly contrasts with today's closed systems, data brokers, and black boxes, and replaces them with a transparent peer-to-peer blockchain protocol.



Ben Smith - CEO

Justin Mann - COO

John Foley - CTO

Rich Garfield - Software Architect

Adrian Miguel - Engineer

Vinny Squillace - Community

Molly Sobba - Community

Mark Schinkel - Community

Country of origin Singapore


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