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GCBIB - Genesis Crypto Blockchain Investment Bank
GCBIB - Genesis Crypto Blockchain Investment Bank

GXB GCBIB - Genesis Crypto Blockchain Investment Bank

Fully compliant crypto-friendly bank

20. Nov 2018 - 31. Jan 2019

GCBIB (Genesis Crypto Blockchain Investment Bank) will bridge the gap between emerging and traditional financial services by being the first fully compliant crypto-friendly bank having the necessary regulatory framework and technology infrastructure. Though there are other financial institutions, banks and crypto-exchanges operating in the same space, many are not fully compliant with prevailing banking laws, while some lack a strong technological backing.

Powered by a combination of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence, GCBIB will establish the necessary regulatory and technological framework, essential to the interoperability between existing and future financial paradigms. The GCBIB Investment & Banking Platform caters specifically to customers looking to integrate cryptocurrency payment options in their business processes, utilize crypto friendly banking services, and facilitate simplified exchange options, all tied together with a Blockchain layer for assured security, transparency and regulatory compliance.

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Patrick M. Ruegsegger - Project Manager, FinTech & Finance

Mohamed Samir - Crypto-Analyst

Alessandro Gasparini - Finance - Insurance

Angelo Colangelo - Finance -Insurance

Laurent Dambly - Finance - Insurance

Diana Azcárate - Insurance

Rocco Pepe - Finance

Faheem Kakroo - Finance

Cristiano Carlesi - Finance Distribution

Eve Martini - Admin. & Consultant

Christine Schifferle - Compliance

Lesly Martini - Customer Support & Marketing Communication

Nataliia Pieshkova - Ass. Customer Support & Marketing

Francesco Pozella - IT – Consultant

Country of origin UAE - Dubai


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