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Blockchain platform with gold-backed crypto assets

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Symbol MNTP
Token sale opening date

20. Sep 2017

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

20. Oct 2017

2 months ago


GoldMint is a blockchain-based platform that uses GOLD digital assets, which are 100% backed by physical gold or exchange-traded funds (ETF). This means that one GOLD costs the same as one ounce of gold on the LBMA exchange

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Dmitry Plutschevsky - Founder and CEO

Anton Akentiev - Lead Blockchain Developer

Konstantin Pichugin - CTO

Evgeniy Volfman - Co-founder and CBDO

Alexander Pavlov - Product Director

Maxim Uperyaka - Marketing Manager

Peter Bel - PR Manager

Dr. Serge Umansky - Adviser

Alex Butmanov - Adviser

Igor Ryabenkiy - Adviser

Julian Zegelman - Adviser

Kirill Zhukov - Adviser

Country of origin Russia


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"It’s about time the world switches to real money. Either gold or bitcoin". Maybe Patrick Byrne, CEO, was too categorical on FOX Business (, but yes, gold - one of the most stable and reliable exchange commodities, it's a historical fact. 17 days ago

Tether reported that it was a victim of a hacker. Bad news. But this is another reason to recall why it is important to carefully read WPs of any projects. November 19, the attacker managed to steal almost 31 million USDT from the reserve wallet of the project, which is equivalent to $31 million (here you can see official statement According to the company, the remaining tokens are safe, but some exchanges still suspended the USDT trade. Alas, this is not the first negative news that appears around the project. The situation does look ambiguous. Tether tokens are tied to the dollar in a 1: 1 ratio and are used to exchange crypto currency into fiat money. We already wrote in our blog (( about controversial concept of the project: as a matter of fact, the USDT tokens are not provided with anything, and the company that emits them (the largest Bitfinex exchange) can issue an unlimited number of tokens. During the first two weeks of November, the Tether's capitalization was $ 200 million, and today Tether has already issued $ 600 million USDT. In itself, the facts of unlimited emissions, in fact, the absence of decentralization, and the fact that tokens are generally unsecured (this is directly written in the WP of the project, in particular, Tether is not obliged to buy out tokens from investors, it says) should alarm the cryptocommunity. Nevertheless, since the creation of Tether, project tokens have become the most popular on the market and have been perceived as stable coin. We urge everyone not to give in to the hype (and HYIP), take a closer look at the projects you are planning to invest in, and also carefully study the projects whose tokens or currency you have already purchased. Perhaps it's time to reconsider your investment portfolio. GoldMint has chosen another way: the issue of tokens is strictly tied to the volume of physical gold purchased. In GOLD coin release technology, it is a rule that a cryptoactive product is issued only at the time of gold buying and is burned at the time of the buyback process, when GoldMint returns gold to the user. White Paper (again, you can read it here clearly states that GoldMint always buys GOLD coin back at the price of gold on the London Stock Exchange. Follow our news. 22 days ago

On the 11 of November GoldMint successfully finished ICO. Overall we were able to gather 4946 ETH and 837 BTC, which amounts to 7 million dollars using current prices. The funds collected will go to further development of the project, the company's plans for the nearest future include the following: 1. Launching the website for exchanging fiat to GOLD and GOLD to fiat within two months 2. Integration of the KYC verification system 3. Launch of a proprietary blockchain in Q2-Q3 2018 4. Registering the company in Estonia and acquisition of a cryptocurrency exchange license - January 2018. We are also expecting MNTP tokens to show up on exchanges in the following weeks. We are currently engaged in talks with various exchanges. Keep up with out news. a month ago

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