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Using personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers

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13. Nov 2016

2 years ago

Status  Trading

Golem's aim is to use any personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers, computing farms or supercomputers. Golem's features include a P2P network, a trading system, task definition and computation and reputation system.

Articles and research

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The Golem Project Aims To Decentralize The Internet And Computing




Julian Zawistowski, Piotr ‘Viggith’ Janiuk, Andrzej Regulsk, Aleksandra Skrzypczak, Paweł ‘chfast’ Bylica, Marek Franciszkiewicz,Adam Banasiak, Magdalena Stasiewicz, Radosław Zagórowicz

Country of origin Poland


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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