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GREEN Greeneum

Smart energy platform

28. Apr 2018 - 30. May 2018

Greeneum Network is a global community connecting all entities in the energy supply chain to participate in this revolutionary new platform based on smart contracts and AI. They are creating a decentralized and sustainable energy market that enables smart monetization for real time energy transactions. Greeneum Network leverages blockchain technology, smart contracts and artificial intelligence (AI) to incentivize and decentralise the energy marketplace so all stakeholders can reliably produce, trade and consume energy. Ultimately, reducing the world’s carbon footprint and painting the world green. This is accomplished through a proof of existence ERC20 utility token GREEN and the Greeneum network with patented AI and Machine learning tested with Solarchange.



Assaf Ben-Or - CEO and Co-Founder

Yau Ben-Or - Co-Founder

Bradley Hook - COO

Elya Katsir Dolev - CTO

Rodrigo Rapoport - Director of LATAM

Edward Gorbis - Director, Business Development of USA

Guillermo Wajner - Business Development and Digital Marketing

Dmitry Tatievskyi - Software Development Lead

Nadya Suleymanova - Senior Software Developer

Albert Bareli - Advisor, CEO Seagon

Phillip Inberg - Advisor, Principle Advisor at Empirical pi

Mike Green - Advisor, Engineer & Founder, IPV Solar

Karthik Iyer - Advisor, Business Development Indi & Asia

Dr. Kyriacos Pavlou - Advisor, Blockchain & Smart Contracts Expert

Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis - Advisor, Blockchain & Smart Contracts Expert

Country of origin Gibraltar


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