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Hash Rush

Hash powered online game

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Token sale opening date

20. Sep 2017

9 months ago

Token sale closing date

20. Oct 2017

8 months ago


Hash Rush is a project that combines real-time strategy gaming with cryptocurrency mining, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency rewards while enjoying a deep, immersive and ever-growing strategy game. To make this hash-powered game a reality, Hash Rush is developed by an experienced team headed up by Lead Game Producer Rafal Nowocien of the highly acclaimed The Witcher series. A playable pre-alpha version is currently in the works and will be released in mid-December. The launch of Hash Rush is currently planned for Q3 2018.

Articles and research

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Kristaps Vaivods - Project Lead & Co-Founder

Maris Ziedonis - Project Lead & Co-Founder

Rafal Nowocien - Senior Game Producer Portfolio

Jethro Naude - Chief Game Economist

Craig Ritchie - Director of Marketing

Jochem Gerritsen - Public Relations Specialist

Nicholas Ng Hanyang - Concept Artist & Illustrator Portfolio

Jefferson Davis - Smart Contract Developer

Cristian Cristea - Lead Developer

Adrian Bugnar - Art Director & Game Designer

Andreea Cristea - Business Manager & QA

Horea Trinca - Game Designer & Graphic Designer

Sebastian Damian - Sound Designer & Music Composer

Kaan Dagkilic - Graphic & Web Designer

Dendy Dhamier - Lead Concept Artist & Illustrator

Razvan Suciu - Gameplay Developer

Radu Corbu - Game Programmer & Level Designer

Country of origin Latvia


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It's time for a Hash Rush #screenshotsaturday There is an Ernack hiding in this screenshot, can you find it? a day ago

Fan Art Friday is here, and we've got a dark entry by 'Diom' to share with you. Here we have an Ernack that has been corrupted! His lust and greed for crypto crystals have caused him to slaughter his comrades as they tried to stop him robbing their mine and making off with their crystals! Head over to our Discord server to see more Hash Rush fan art: 2 days ago

We've recently introduced two combat specialisations that the Ernacks can use, so now let's take a look at the building that will heal your wounded Ernacks. Presenting the Apothecary! As well as healing wounded Ernacks, having this building will allow the player to craft various potions that will help them with the game! 3 days ago

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