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Portable Identity Provider with Artificial Smart companion

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17. Sep 2017

5 days ago

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5. Nov 2017

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Honestis.Network is a system of application which will bring your life to the next level of security, variety and effectivity. You’ll be on your own path, and you’ll define your own way of engaging others. Your journey will be safe. Its pace will match your needs.

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Revolution Starts 14th Of June 2017 With Honestis.Network

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The Advantages of Joining Honestis Network - Crypto Smile

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Brennan Bennett - Health Informatics + Blockchain Consultant QBRICS, INC COO

Kallol Roy - PhD, A.I. scientist , Researcher at Statistical Artificial Intelligence Lab, UNIST, South Korea , Ulsan National Institute of Science

and Technology

Tomasz Waszczyk - Quant Trader and Programmer

Adam Ziółkowski - Ethereum lover & graphic designer

Maciej Skałkowski - Animator

Mateusz Hirsch - Project Manager and Software BackEnd Developer

Maciej Wierzbowski - Passionate developer

Alan Yong - Advisor

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#honestisnetwork #ICO #ethereum https://t.co/3Xe0ciC9Cg · 4 hours ago

#honestisnetwork #ICO #ethereum https://t.co/A4lOGxPcYi · 2 days ago

https://t.co/hd2N2Jm7CF Token Economy a perfect design for fintech future. #ICO #Ethereum #honestisnetwork… https://t.co/ByUSoTPS1p · 4 days ago

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#honestisnetwork #ICO #ethereum 2 days ago

Honestis.Network Token Economy a perfect design for fintech future. Tokens economy in long run is most important, as modelling it can give extreme results good or bad. Token would be used for: Stocking and making bust to your credibility as company and your services, more exposure, ads are paid by Tokens, also ratings can cripple or bust your tokens stockpile. -Bust credibility -Buy ads -Payment in p2p transactions -Need to create credibility account at least 1 HNT is needed to generate initial TRUST -Price of service is also limited to the stocked HN Tokens which you got -Little fees 0,5% on some transactions to gather constant funds for updates and bounty bug hunt fund -Little funds 2% gathered on transactions with end user pints of network like shops -Blocking some freshman users or group of users from participating in your public offer -If AI and DS frameworks created you get access to them if proper PoS is gathered like eq of 300 ETH That will limit companies within H.N network which will be creators of APS based on SaaS manager blocks and easy to use content. -Easy data trading, and setting up data listeners for every corner -Selling your products with certificates of yours design, licenses of any kind and deals would be never so easy and secured -Blockchain gives you almost instant international transfers at yours reach Which one of those in chart will be most successfully time will show. #ICO #Ethereum #honestisnetwork #fintech 4 days ago

Due to some technical issues triggered on our website the ico public launch is set to 21th Sept - 7th Oct, we will proceed some private fundraising and response to some email and registrations. More work with community will be performed this upcoming week. #honestisnetwork #ICO #ethereum 4 days ago

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