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Green mining in the Austrian Alps

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Symbol H2O
Token sale opening date

18. Oct 2017

a month ago

Token sale closing date

21. Nov 2017

in 2 days


HydroMiner is a revolutionary project that empowers small investors to join and invest in cryptocurrency mining by utilizing green-energy! They aim to build next-generation mining facilities and to enable investors join such opportunities not possible until now! Hydropower is generally thought to be one of the most effective and lowest-cost renewable energy resources. By renting out hydro power stations in the Alps and buying GPUs en masse, HydroMiner is able to offer return on investment rates nobody in cryptocurrency field is ever made possible.

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HydroMiner ICO : Cryptocurrency Mining Using Green Energy in the Alps




Nadine Damblon - CEO

Nicole Damblon - CFO

Christian Vogl - CTO

Philip Dimitrov - CMO

Sebastian Karner - Lead Engineer

Kevin Benckendorf - Public Relations

Alexander Dimitrov - Developer

Tobias Ratschiller - Advisor

Reuben Godfrey - Advisor

Michael Marcovici - Advisor

Jonas Sevel Karlberg - Advisor

Michele Roscelli - Advisor

Country of origin Austria


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