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International MultiModal Logistic Application

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"IMMLA (International MultiModal Logistic Application) is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. The mission of IMMLA project is a simple, clear and convenient interaction between the owner of cargo and the transporter on all stages of the freight transport. "



Kirill Tulenev - Executive director

Vyacheslav Neunyvakin - Information director

Vitali Sosnowski - Developer

Vitaly Stepanov - Development director

Mikhail Astakhov - Founder

Ninel Tufino-Gerlakas - Leading analyst

Valeria Rasulova - ICO Project manager

Pavel Drobintsev - Technical Advisor, PhD in Technical Science

Alexander Gromov - Logistic advisor,

Global Transport Investments - International Logistic Advisor/Partner

Country of origin Russian Federation


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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IML Tokens at an excellent price! 200 ETHs remained until the end of Pre-ICO 2.0 · 6 months ago

Only 6 hours remained until the end of silent period · 7 months ago

IMMLA started its Pre-ICO 2.0 · 7 months ago

IMMLA finishes ICO and starts its Pre-ICO 2.0 · 7 months ago

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Dear community! The tokens distribution for the participants of both preICO campaigns has been generally... · 4 months ago

Dear friends, investors and the community! We apologize for the unforeseen silence within most of the IMMLA... · 6 months ago

El artículo sobre IMMLA en @CriptoNoticias. 📌 #IMMLA #logistics · 7 months ago

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Dear community! The tokens distribution for the participants of both preICO campaigns has been generally finished. We have only a few obligations, which will be acomplished next week. According to the reasons which were described at the #Announcement15112017 (, the IML tokens will become transferable from the 1st of March for the monetary participants of IMMLA presales and from the 31st of March for the bounty campaigns participants. Please, check all of your wallets and let us know if you have any questions. Our great supporters - @Obi2024 , @Havin_a_daydream, @khatskevych and @Roman_Immla- we are allways pleased to answer your questions. In order not to be confused, everybody should delete the old custom tokens added earlier in MEW for IMMLA and add the new custom token with the new contract details as follows; Token Contract Address: 0x26Ab4e37a0CA037791C9C935a5691D63466BA487 Token Symbol: IML Decimals: 18 Thank you 4 months ago

Colleagues, good afternoon, my name is Roman Mikhailov. I am sorry for that we do not have time to post information everywhere. Now our main activity in the English-language telegraph. We reported there this information: Honestly, we can not be sure, that distribution will be finished today. The smartcontract audit is lasted for around three-four days. Since yesterday and today are not working days in Russia, the audit can be lasted till next Wednesday/Thursday. If we are wrong, it will be finished earlier. And after its finished, we start the deploying/distribution. Btw, before the distribution there will be the special announcement with some of smart contract parameters and some planning steps, regarding product development and next ICO rounds included. Engilsh-language Telegram - 5 months ago

Dear friends, investors and the community! We apologize for the unforeseen silence within most of the IMMLA groups in social networks. The fact is that our project was affected by the last Parity case ( self-destruct.html). Our multisig wallet (0x0397453Bb7dB560a039D474c5693578Fdb6096C4) was among 587 blocked ones. All the funds raised on successful preICO 2.0 round are located on it. Moreover, both smartcontracts of preICO 1.0 and 2.0. were going to be combined on that wallet. You can confirm the information above by entering the wallet number on the page. Accorging to these circumstances, we had to change our tactical plans: - We are developing a new smart contract for the distribution of purchased IMMLA tokens, which will be connected either with an alternative multisig wallet or with an ordinary wallet. The second variant will be chosen if we consider that the risks of multisig wallets are too high; - we had to limit the free circulation of IMMLA tokens for a certain period of time (at least until the private placement of the ICO round is completed. The timing of this round will also be changed due to the situation with Parity and with the relevant changes in the smartcontract); - we will have to shift our operating timeline also. At present we are expecting that the shift will not be longer than one quarter, even though Paryti does not name specific terms. And the distribution of purchased and accrued tokens will occur in November and in the first decade of December. Also there will be temporary restrictions in the work of our social networks. In the near future, the main channel for the distribution of information will be our English-speaking group in the Telegram Some members of the community who are not affiliated with the IMMAL management have become administrators of this channel. It publishes all the latest press releases of IMMLA just in time. We will be glad if you join us this Telegram massenger channel. Despite a number of difficulties that we have faced untill recently, we will remain committed to our goals of creating the best application for international multi-modal logistics based on block-chain technologies. We continue moving percistently towards these goals. Thank you for your patience and for choosing IMMLA. 6 months ago

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