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injii Access Coin

A blockchain-based open broadcast of content supporting causes

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20. Nov 2017

22 days ago

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15. Dec 2017

in 2 days


The injii platform reduces the cost of fundraising by connecting content creators with charities. Through the use of an open-sourced broadcast, injii enables users to interact, donate and engage in decentralized content for the greater good. injii is a movement, a network for social good. We are global outreach without borders, created for those that want to take a stand for what’s right. It’s a means to provide hope and opportunity for everyone through the creation and broadcast of media content. If you’re working towards a cause, sharing your creativity and artistic nature, or you just want a better tomorrow, injii invites you to build/support, create/share, and participate/inspire. Through injii, the micro-individual can now make macro-world changes in poverty, hunger, health, human rights, and other social impact causes. injii is about everyone coming together in real-time to connect through great content and get involved in great causes.



Justin Paul - Founder/CEO

Robert Varghese - President/COO

David Alfonso Castaneda - CTO

Swan Burrus - Senior Marketing Manager

David Menard - Software Engineer

Sishir Varghese - Company Relations Manager

Country of origin USA


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“The spread of blockchains is bad for anyone in the “trust business”—the centralised institutions and bureaucracies, such as banks, clearing houses and government authorities that are deemed sufficiently trustworthy to handle transactions. Even as some banks and governments explore the use of this new technology, others will surely fight it. But given the decline in trust in governments and banks in recent years, a way to create more scrutiny and transparency could be no bad thing.” The Economist a month ago

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