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Business Intelligence Services for the participants of residential construction market

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1. Jun 2018

17 days ago

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31. Jul 2018

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INTRO is a BI (Business Intelligence) system for the participants of off-plan development – builders, investors, homebuyers, banks and other agents. INTRO IT products provide access to advanced market analytics for industry professionals as well as for private homebuyers. The register of under construction objects and investors’ contracts are stored in the blockchain, which in turn receives data from official state sources. This allows for effective market analysis without violating the proprietors' rights to personal data protection. INTRO system users will be able to find the most attractive off-plan properties in dozens of countries and invest in the ongoing construction under smart contracts. The blockchain ensures reliability of the information about the building plan and transaction security, while avoiding costs of intermediation by real estate brokers, lawyers or profiteers. Smart contracts enable the users to save up to 30% on property investment.

Articles and research

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Kirill Badikov - Founder

Denis Vechkanov - Co-founder

Oleg Obolensky - Co-founder

Tuhina Rathi - Management Consultant

Andrey Krylov - Product Manager

Andrey Machinsky - Front-end Developer

Vadim Petrov - Back-end Developer

Timur Zainullin - Head of Government Relations

Denis Smoliar - Leader of Development Team

Diana Imamgaiazova - Head of Communications

Alexander Kolesnikov - Head of Marketing

Aleksandr Lazarev - Business Coach

Dmitry Pogorelov - Information Protection Advisor

Country of origin Russia


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Great news for investors and ITR Coin holders! We prolong the first stage of ICO. It means that you can receive t… · a day ago

NTRO's products are recognized among global blockchain startups: ICObench Top-5, ICO Track 5.0 and TokenMarket INT… · a day ago

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Great news on #INTROroadmap! INTRO Analytica is selected to the Sino-Russian incubator in the section "AI / big data". The working INTRO products and new concepts for blockchain development will be presented to experts and venture funds by Диана Имамгаязова (Diana Imamgayazova). The bilaterial acceleration programme is sponsored by the Chinese and Russian governments 🇨🇳️🇷🇺️ 6 hours ago

Great news for investors and ITR Coin holders! We prolong the first stage of ICO. It means that you can receive tokens with 25% bonus till the June 30! Join your ICO at a day ago

#INTROAwards #INTRORatings INTRO's products are recognized among global blockchain startups: ICObench Top-5, ICO Track 5.0 and TokenMarket INTRO products also have high ratings among AI-based services & European IT-projects: 1) Top-5 in CEE startup rating by EWDN: 2) Top-5 among European AI startups by crunchbase & EWDN: 3) Top-20 IT-startups of 2018 by IIDF: (Rus) You are welcomed to support a reliable & trusted IT-project via our ICO campaign: 3 days ago

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