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Jarvis Exchange

JRT Jarvis Exchange

Licensed hybrid exchange providing fiat, crypto, stocks, & Forex trading from a single wallet

1. Mar 2019 - 21. Mar 2019

Jarvis is a robust technology framework that supports a financial ecosystem that includes licensed centralized and semi-decentralized exchanges and a marketplace. The Jarvis technology makes assets interoperable and makes it possible to provide users access to any financial market, and to utilize any asset as a medium of exchange, or of payment, as collateral for a loan, or to contribute to a liquidity pool. Jarvis makes it easy for users to manage their funds and assets in a centralized or decentralized way. Users can trade on both digital and traditional products, use assets to pay in fiat, and access DApps. The user experience is further complemented by an intuitive and helpful user interface that has been combined with AI that has conversation skills. 20% of the ecosystem revenues are distributed to The Jarvis Reward Token (JRT) holders. The token is distributed to TGE participants, influencers, partners, users, and developers who contribute the most to the ecosystem and blockchain community.



Pascal Tallarida - CEO

Andrew Anderson - CTA

Emmanuel Grand - UX designer

Stefani Todorova - PR manager

Neno Baynov - Prpject Manager

Petar Kirov - Lead developer

Ivan Zhelyazkov - Solidity developer

Karina Delcheva - Data scientist

Vsevolod Potorocha - Community manager

Tio Torosyan - Designer

Country of origin Cayman Islands


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