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Joint Ventures

Blockchain Economy for Online Publishers

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Symbol JOINT
Token sale opening date

7. Apr 2018

in 17 days

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7. May 2018

in 2 months


Joint Ventures brings a much-needed change to the current digital content landscape. Their aim is to create an economy that rewards every participant of the network, including publishers, authors, commenters, advertisers, and moderators, while minimizing third-party commissions. Joint Ventures plans to create a community-centered content economy. They discuss the implementation of a transparent advertising revenue model in our ecosystem, which will allow publishers to monitor real-time engagements with their content as well as helping advertisers to get the maximum value out of their advertising budget. Their first product is projected as a commenting solution, envisioned for the benefits of both publishers and commenters. It is designed to increase user interaction with publishers and will be available on websites along with mobile applications.

Articles and research

US Congress Includes Crypto In Its Joint Economic Report For The First Time by Cointelegraph By Ana Alexandre on CoinTelegraph

ICO Analysis: Joint Ventures | - Hacking Finance




Ahmet Arslan - Co-founder & CEO

Latif Çakıroğlu - Co-founder & CTO

Zeki Kavrazlı - Co-founder & Publisher Acquisition

Cevdet Süer - Co-Founder & Management

Gülseren Arslan - Co-Founder & Advertiser Acquisition

Umut Can Yurt - Head of Growth

Cem Yalçınkaya - Marketing Specialist

Emre Ceylan - Lead Developer

Batuhan Güngör - Software Developer

Eyüp Can Kayadarçin - Software Developer

Country of origin Turkey


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Content Economy Needs Blockchain. Here’s Why; · 2 days ago

Our Telegram channel has reached 1000 subscribers! Thanks for your interest 💥 Stay tuned! · 5 days ago

Our Bounty Campaign is live on BitcoinTalk 🚀🚀🔥🔥 Take your part and get rewarded for your contributions! · 5 days ago

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Our CEO, Ahmet Arslan, will be expressing Joint's vision at Blockchain Venture Summit on 28 March 2018, Istanbul. Click the link below to learn more about the event; 10 days ago

Typical commenting solutions are obsolete in terms of distribution of money. Money flows from advertisers to publishers but not before the commenting systems like Disqus takes its own cut. �Joint will take advantages of Blockchain to calculate the contribution of each participant including the commenters, publishers and advertisers and reward them by minimizing third party commissions. Join our expanding whitelist to stay up-to-date with our progress! 17 days ago

Check out Joint Ventures’ ICO review on; “The approach followed by this ecosystem isn’t entirely new, but its implementation plans and roadmap are innovative in every sense of the word. In the near future, this platform looks to gain mass acceptance.” 20 days ago

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