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Joys Digital
Joys Digital

JOYS Joys Digital

Payment service for legal purchases for tokens

21. Jun 2018 - 4. Sep 2018

Joys is a service of legal payments for goods and services in all cryptocurrency. Joys represents an open global blockchain platform that allows adding nearly any cryptocurrencies and tokens as a mean of payment. Many companies use blockchain for cryptomoney payments in many fields from interbanks transactions to personel p2p payments: CoinBase, BitPay, Coinify, PundiX, Bitwala, Wirex, Blockchain Merchant, LoyaltyX, LoyalCoin etc.



Andrey Mikhaylishin - CEO

Sergey Zhdanov - CTO & Back End Developer

Vladimir Tolmachev - CVO & Payment System

Alexander Shamyan - CCO & LR

Vladislav Gavriluk - CMO

Ivan Krechetov - Chief financial officer

Anna Genergart - Director of integration in software

Sergey Manenkov - Business analyst

Ruslan Konovalov - Head of Sales Department

Lev Shemetov - Head of Partner Communications

Nikolay Smirnov - Project Manager

Stanislav Lesnikov - Project Manager/System Analyst/UX-Designer

Mikhail Ivanov - Safety specialist

Sergey Berlinsky - Developer

Mikhail Gulev - Back End Developer

Victor Kuznetsov - Front End Developer

Vyacheslav Tretyakov - Integration Department Specialist

Alexander Belykh - QA

Alexey Zhdanov - QA

Inna Churkina - PR

Svyatoslav Martynenko - SMM

Jiang Xue - China Community

Country of origin Russia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)