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Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange

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Symbol TM-JOY
Token sale opening date

1. Mar 2018

2 months ago

Token sale closing date

21. Mar 2018

2 months ago


JOYSO suggests a hybrid design for token trading, combining the advantages of a centralized exchange - fast and fully-featured - with the advantages of a decentralized exchange - improved security and privacy. JOYSO uses an efficient architecture that substantially reduces gas fee in the exchange process. Using JOY tokens on the JOYSO platform will entitle users to a 50% discount in transaction fee. Furthermore, JOYSO allows free listing for any ERC20 tokens, thus creating value to the ecosystem.

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JOYSO HEX ICO Review: Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange Platform?




TomSoong - CEO

Taka Kao - COO

Will Hsieh - CTO

Yi-Cyuan Chen, System Architect

Yu-Han - R&D Engineer

Kevin - Legal

Country of origin Seychelles


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【3分鐘學完立即交易】 💰最後10天!交易優惠! - 掛單不收你手續費,取單只要0.1% 在 JOYSO 交易時碰到問題嗎? 跟著下方影片的步驟,就能在彈指間完成! ⏩第1集:登入 Metamask+充值篇 (更新充值Token) ⏩第2集:交易所介面教學+交易篇 👉立即交易▶️ 4 days ago

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