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LND Lendingblock

Open decentralised exchange for borrowing and lending digital assets

15. Apr 2018 - 22. Apr 2018

Lending block is creating the infrastructure to secure the future of the cryptoeconomy. Lendingblock enables cross blockchain value transfer for the crypto lending market. We will be launching with Bitcoin, Ethereum and ripple as our first lending currencies.Funds are held in a cryptographic escrow between different blockchains, released through ethereum smart contracts which holds the information of the loan agreement.To enable transparent cross-chain lending from day one, we use oracles to provide strong guarantees for lending contract initiation, collateral management and repayments. Implementing oracles as code running inside the Intel SGX enclave, we can provide a cryptographic proof to the blockchain that it executed a specific piece of code with given inputs. For institutional and professional traders, we will also make our API tools available. Our API will offer public data on loan order books, rate tables across different currencies, user account information and the ability to place lending/borrowing requests. Users will also have access to payment terminals for interest and principle repayments. They are integrating with different wallet providers to enable the integration of their platform within their wallets so to provide their customers with the ability to earn interest on their crypto assets.

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Steve Swain - CEO & CoFounder

Linda Wang - COO & CoFounder

Damian Williams - Business Development Manager

Julien Klepatch - Stack Platform and Ethereum Engineer

Qing Xian Lee - Smart Contract Developer

Alberto Sonnino - Blockchain Advisor

Kingsley Advani - Fundraising Advisor

JJ Frizell - Social Media

Country of origin United Kingdom


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