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Rewarding Contents by Proof of Creativity

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Symbol LIKE
Token sale opening date

7. May 2018

15 days ago

Token sale closing date

21. May 2018

a day ago


LikeCoin aims to reinvent the Like by realigning creativity and reward. They enable attribution and cross-application collaboration on creative contents. With a reinvented Like button and their unique LikeRank algorithm, they trace content footprint and reward content creators by Proof of Creativity mechanism. While blockchain miners usually understand mining as solving a mathematical problem, it does not have to be the case. With a focus on rewarding content creators, LikeCoin measures the importance of creative contents, i.e. creativity, and allows content creators to mine LikeCoin with their creative contents. We call the mechanism proof of creativity, or PoC. PoC defines creativity in two dimensions: 1. The higher the LikeRank of a creative content is, the more creative it is. 2. The more Likes a creative content receives, the more creative it is. A creators pool of 1bil, which accounts for 50% of total number of LikeCoin tokens in the long run, is reserved as the mining pool. At each day t, x LikeCoin will be minted from creators pool for distribution to content creators

Articles and research

Opinion: Why tech firms will be regulated like banks in the future by Chris Skinner on BraveNewCoin

Monex Group CEO: Cryptocurrency Exchanges Should Be Regulated Like Banks by Jordan Daniell on ETHNews



Annie Zhang - Chief Editor, Initium Media

Greg Sung - Founder, aNobii and OneSky

Harry Xiao - Founder, MeshBox

Heartherm Huang - Founder, Measurable Token

Kin Ko - Product Design

Aludirk Wong - System Architect

Jacky Ko - CMO

Edmond Yu - Operation

Simon But - Growth Hacker

Chung Wu - Blockchain Developer

William Chong - Full Stack Developer

David Ng - Full Stack Developer

Miles Wong - Full Stack Developer

Michael Cheung - Full Stack Developer

Joshua Lo - Designer

Country of origin Hong Kong


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Apart from being a technology-driven project, #LikeCoin is a quest to realign content and rewards for creators, cal… · 19 hours ago

Thank you for your support Our token sale is officially ended. We have reached >180% of our target, thanks so much!… · a day ago

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謝謝大家的支持。 LikeCoin的公開代幣發售經已完結。我們達到了大於目標180%的成績,衷心感謝大家! 我們現正從其他銷售渠道收集數據,會盡快整理並公佈最終籌得的款項數字。 a day ago

LikeCoin Token Sale has finished successfully. Thanks everyone's support! We are collecting the numbers from various sales channel and shall announce the final numbers soon. Stay tuned. a day ago

代幣發行來到最後一天,出差有點累了。找來孫燕姿陪著睡,聽到【陪時光盪鞦韆 / 每受一次傷學一點 / 很久以後再去懷念】之際,以為說【很久以後在區塊鏈】,一下子睡意全消 #職業性失聰 #孫燕姿 #李偲菘 #易家揚 #好棒的組合 2 days ago

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