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LiveTree Adept

SED LiveTree Adept

Blockchain film and TV rights, funding and distribution platform

31. Jan 2018 - 1. Apr 2018

LiveTree ADEPT is the world's first blockchain film & TV rights funding and distribution platform, built on a proven business that captured 5% of the UK's share of the $1bn film & crowdfunding market in 2017. Sed is their token that powers the platform, letting you profit from the sale and distribution of film & TV projects that you choose to fund and own part of their rights. Their token sale has raised over $1m in the first few days.

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Progress Report · 16 days ago

The lottery prize airdrop is here · a month ago

LiveTree bringing the blockchain to the Cannes Film Festival · 2 months ago

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Ashley Turing - Founder & CEO

Dr Jamie Ward - Co-founder & Technical Officer

Alexander Mitrovich - Chief Product Officer

Andrey Zaytsev - Blockchain Architect

Cheryl Clarke - Co-founder & Partner Solutions

Lennard Van Otterloo - Co-founder & CMO

Jennifer Barham - Marketing Consultant

Gustavo Guimaraes - Solidity Developer & Auditor Consultant

Edward Ridgway - Project Manager

Syed Kashif - Community Manager

Mukul Jain - Blockchain Developer

Country of origin United Kingdom


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