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Lordmancer II

Open-world MMORPG on mobile, mining cryptocurrency

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Symbol LC
Token sale opening date

7. Nov 2017

5 months ago

Token sale closing date

20. Dec 2017

4 months ago


Lordmancer II encourages using of a cryptocurrency token named Lord Coin (LC) as a payment method for player-to-player trades, facilitating sale of a unique or rare game content. LC tokens can enter the game economy only after being purchased at a cryptocurrency exchange. They can be taken out of the game later and sold for a cryptocurrency. Game developers will provide players who are not familiar with cryptocurrency world with convenient ways to purchase LCs for fiat currencies.



Anton Telitsyn - CEO, co-founder

Ilya Mikov - Co-founder

Peter Klepcin - Team lead

Andrey Zobov - Lead designer

Alex Onuchin - Game designer

Anton Semakin - Lead 2D artist

Maxim Skrupski - Senior developer

Ildar Fasckhetdinov - Client side

Eugene Kostarev - Server developer

Marsel Atnyashev - Developer

Country of origin Russia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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New Android build 1.61 is available on iOS version is coming soon! #gaming #developing #blockchain #mmorpg #ethereum · 13 hours ago

The next dev log is here! It is devoted to Lord Coin and its usage inside the game #gaming… · 6 days ago

iOS Test Flight version was released today! You can still register as a beta tester on… · 10 days ago

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The next dev log is here! It is devoted to Lord Coin and its usage inside the game 6 days ago

Android build 1.59 has been released! iOS Test Flight version will be available in few days once Apple approves it. ⚠️ You need to update the game client. Download it here: We are happy to introduce the crafting! To create a new item do the following steps: 1. Reach at least the15th level 2. Go to a smithy in a town and select an item and its level 3. Examine what resources are required 4. Kill bots in the game world to loot items 5. Go to a storage and put the looted items into it 6. Disassemble the items and get some resources 7. Repeat 4-6 until you get enough resources 8. Go to the smithy and create the item 9. When the crafting finishes, go to the smithy and take the item (it will be put into the storage). The item will have a randomized quality from green to red. 14 days ago

The new dev log is here! 20 days ago

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