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Financial platform with Licensed exchange

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Symbol TM-MDX
Token sale opening date

15. Jan 2018

5 months ago

Token sale closing date

14. Apr 2018

2 months ago


Midex is an international financial platform, combining modern banking technology, the opportunities of the internet of things, big data, blockchain technology, adhering to world-class standards of security and convenience.

Articles and research

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Andrew Dubinin - President

Dmitry Machikhin - CEO

Alex Shkirin - Head of Tax & Legal

Eyal Hertzog - Blockchain advisor

Daniele Azzaro - Strategy advisor

Ely Tolen - International communications advisor

Gabriel Brack - Swiss financial expert

Renato Almeida - Legal advisor

Kaznacheev Evgeny - CTO

Valeria Mingova - PR Director

Mike Blackwood EMBA - CMO

Stan Sokolovsky LLM - Legal counsel

Ars Dain - IR manager

Max Oleynik - Marketing manager

Nik Postnik - Hype manager

Natasha Lukina - Project manager

Ury Strelets - IT Developer

Vladislav Romanov - IT Developer

Sadykh Sadykhov - IT Developer

Vitaliy Kukhar - IT Developer

Dmitry Kogevnikov - Designer

Olga Shikh - Designer

Country of origin Hong Kong


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Friends! Subscribe to our second account in Twitter (@Lets_Midex_It) The most relevant new… · 3 months ago

We have increased productivity of the Midex Exchange. Now it is 10 times faster than the previous version. More inc… · 4 months ago

Very soon we will integrate new payment methods: credit cards and bank transfers for MDX tokensale! #mdx… · 4 months ago

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Dear friends! The commission for trading on the Midex exchange is 0,1% per party. The commission in favor of company will be paid by 50% in the currency of an order and 50% in MDX tokens. The commission will be charged as follows: 1. If the user has MDX tokens on the exchange account While committing a deal, 50% of commission’s sum will be charged in MDX tokens from the user’s exchange wallet. The amount of MDX charged is equal to 50% of the commission’s sum in the order’s currency. These tokens fall into a special pool from which our company accounts will form orders for the MDX token-sale. Midex tries to form a single main order to avoid selling a lot of small warrants. Then the order will be issued at the exchange rate + 0,000x%. 2. If the user doesn’t have MDX tokens on the exchange account While executing a purchase or disposal order the commission will be charged in the execution order currency. But from 50% of the commission’s funds, an order to purchase MDX tokens from the user at the exchange rate in order currency execution will be issued. If ETH was bought for BTC, then the commission will be charged in BTC and the order for MDX purchase will be in the MDX/BTC pair currency. After purchase, the tokens will be sent automatically to the pool which was described above where the main order will be further formed. Then, this order will be sold at the exchange rate + 0,000x%. This system allows for the creation of an infinite demand for MDX tokens. With higher disposal rates MDX will maintain its market price. Thus creating supply and demand equilibrium! 6 days ago

Dear Midex’s token holders! Pay attention to this information! The official listing of MDX token will be on the Midex exchange only after the platform launch. According to the latest data, the exchange launch is scheduled for the end of June. While we are aware that the MDX token is currently being traded on some decentralized exchanges, we do not encourage or facilitate this exchange trading in any manner. Speculative secondary trading is against the spirit of the MDX token and Midex exchange. We strongly discourage speculative secondary trading and officially ask MDX token holders to act accordingly. Follow our news in official communities: So, if you have questions, ask them in our Telegram chat: 13 days ago

Dmitriy Machikhin CEO at Midex is on the Startup Village 2018, Moscow Startup Village is the most large-scale startup conference in Russia and the CIS countries for technology entrepreneurs, organized by the Skolkovo Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation’s partners. #letsmidexit #midex #midexchange #mdx #mdxtoken 16 days ago

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