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OWL Minerva

Smart Money on the Ethereum blockchain

13. Aug 2018 - 13. Oct 2018

Minerva aims to decentralize payment processing. OWL is a smart token with built-in monthly auto-billing meant to open the subscription economy. It is a "decentralized fed" that employs a sustainable "reverse transaction fee" and a system of bonds for price steadying and positive feedback loops. Minerva plans to create scenarios where it is more beneficial to both buyer and seller to use crypto in place of traditional money. Its first use case is, a $20mm revenue platform in the adult space but pivoting to integration with large, mainstream merchant processors is the ultimate goal. Minerva intends to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and ecommerce to help accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

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Kevin McSheehan - Founder & CEO

Kol Shtufaj - Creative Director

Greg Bailey - IT Veteran

Jevgenijs Steinbuks - Economic Advisor

Corey Jackson: Founder & CTO

Ron DiIorio - Founder & Strategic Partner

Keidi Carrington - Legal Advisor

Country of origin Isle of Man


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