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MBM Mobilum

The Platform and Payment Token

Mobilum is payment processing service that connects fiat currency and cryptocurrency in real-time, decreasing the total cost of each transaction and guaranteeing the most favourable execution. Mobilum created smart contract powered by MBM token which allows every credit card holder to use any blockchain asset to settle a payment. MBM is assisted by a mobile wallet application – the Mobilum App. In contrast to previous providers of similar services, Mobilum will directly connect every cryptocurrency with any payment card, regardless of the issuing entity.



Wojciech Kaszycki - CEO & Founder

Jakub Nalej - CTO & Co-founder

Przemyslaw Maliszewski - COO & Co-founder

Noriko Roy - Marketing Director

Krzysztof Witkowski Soroczan - Creative Director

Piotr Rudnicki - Project Manager

Mateusz Boronczyk - Community Manager

Dolottsev Vasyl - Programmer

Petro Oleksienko - Programmer

Rudyk Andrii - Programmer

Zhadko Andrii - Programmer

Country of origin Gibraltar


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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