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Symbol MCO
Token sale opening date

18. May 2017

6 months ago

Token sale closing date

18. Jun 2017

5 months ago

Status  Trading

The functionality of Monaco VISA® Card makes it a must-have item not only for every Ether or Bitcoin holder, but also for everyone who spends money in foreign currency. Core features: - Spend your Ether or Bitcoin with a physical Monaco VISA® Card, wherever VISA® cards are accepted, both online & offline - Only the exact amount that you spend with your Monaco VISA® Card will be incrementally exchanged from ETH/BTC in real-time when you swipe your card, with rest being securely stored in your wallet to which only you have access - Exchange money at perfect interbank exchange rates using Monaco App - Enjoy the same perfect interbank rates whenever you spend on Monaco VISA® Card - Send money from Monaco App in 23 currencies to 120 countries worldwide for free - Sending money between Monaco App users is free & real-time, with the money being instantly available for the recipient on their Monaco VISA® Card - Customer onboarding can be done entirely via the mobile App – a process taking less than 3 minutes

Articles and research

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Monaco Visa, World’s Best Cryptocurrency Card, Comes Out Of Stealth Mode, Launches ICO Starting May 18th


Monaco VISA®, World’s Best Cryptocurrency Card, Comes out of Stealth Mode, Launches ICO Starting May 18th – The Merkle




Kris Marszalek - CEO

Rafael Melo - CFO

Gary Or - CTO

Brent Diehl - Payments Advisor

Timothy Hitchens - Technology Advisor

Ransu Salovaara - Blockchain Advisor

Ohad Hecht - Marketing Advisor

Janos Barberis - Compliance Advisor

Bradley Riss - Fintech Advisor

Dimitri Tsamados - Talent Acquisition Advisor

Pablo Yabo - Smart Contracts Audit - CoinFabrik

Mikko Ohtamaa - Smart Contracts Development - TokenMarket

Country of origin Switzerland


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More from the #MonacoVisaPlatinum Precious Metals Collection: #MonacoSpaceGray 1.5% Cashback on all purchases, $500… · 3 days ago

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#GoodNews: Over 25,000 #MonacoVisa cards have been reserved! Have you got yours? Join the #MonacoCommunity today! · 5 days ago

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Meet the #MonacoVisaPlatinum Collection: Up to 2% Cashback on all purchases, 0 fees, Unlimited Interbank Exchange Rates Limit and more. 10 days ago

[Monaco November Q&A - Asset Contract] Co-Founder and CEO Kris Marszalek shares updates regarding the #MonacoVisa card cashback program and explains the rationale behind Monaco’s decision to remove the asset contract 10 days ago

Unveiling the finalized and approved designs of the #MonacoVisaPlatinum cards! Learn more about our full portfolio at Which one will you be reserving today? 11 days ago

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