Mix of PayPal and Trustpilot on Ethereum Blockchain

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31. Aug 2017

19 days ago

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30. Sep 2017

in 10 days


Decentralised trust and reputation system (DTRS), powered by smart contracts, works flawlessly with Monetha’s payment processor. We let the buyer see trustworthy and transparent reviews made by previous customers. Based on the information saved during the transaction, clients and merchants will be able to file/solve a claim, rate each other, view ratings etc. Their history is then recorded onto the immutable Ethereum blockchain so that others can make well-informed commercial decisions.

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Monetha Signs Partnership Deal with A Leading Central European Food Delivery Company by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Monetha Signs Partnership Deal with Dominant Baltic Online Retailer by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Monetha wants to Challenges PayPal’s and Trustpilot’s Status Quo with the Ethereum Blockchain


Monetha - Ethereum-Based Payment Platform Feat. Former PayPal Exec Combines Payments With Trust Ratings — Steemit


Former PayPal Exec and Leading Online Reputation Expert Join Monetha As ICO Date Approaches -




Andrej Ruckij - Co-Founder/Technology

Eric Duprat - Payments lead

Kellogg N. Fairbank - Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead

Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur - Decentralised Trust and Reputation lead

Justas Pikelis - Co-Founder/Business

Laurynas Jokubaitis - Co-Founder/Product

Viaceslavas Ruckis - Engineering lead

Erikas Malisauskas - Product design/Front end developer

Martynas Adomaitis - Smart Contract developer

Andrej Davidovic - Software engineer

Country of origin Lithuania


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