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27. Jun 2017

3 months ago

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27. Jul 2017

2 months ago


MyBit is a decentralized asset management platform designed to add an ownership layer to the internet. Their goal is to change how ownership is recorded to make the process of registration, transferring, and querying both cost-effective and fast. By utilizing Blockchain technologies in their core application stack it creates a unique opportunity for managing assets and ownership which is more secure, efficient, and reliable.

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MyBit Blockchain Platform Is on a Mission to Unlock Billions in IoT Revenue by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

Mybit tackles data manipulation, an ‘emerging art of war in cyberspace.’ by BraveNewCoin



Garrett MacDonald - CIO

Thomas Pollan - COO

Ian Worrall - CEO

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Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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MyBit Q&A with full team is happening Sept 29 at 12:00 PM PST/7:00 PM GMT, best question gets 290 MyB! · 4 hours ago

September 29th Live Q&A with the WHOLE MYBIT TEAM! 290 MyBit to the best question! Direct Link: · 12 hours ago

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🌎 In 2011, the Department of Energy set a target of bringing the cost of ☀️ solar energy ⚡ down to six cents per kilowatt-hour by 2020, It's now been confirmed that goal has already been accomplished. 🚀🎉🎈 Solar energy is the fastest growing renewable, and MyBit is here to decentralize solar power! 6 days ago

We are starting with solar panels to accelerate the decentralized energy grid. We will make the ♻️ renewable energy 💡 structure not only sustainable but (most importantly) very scalable 🏠📈🛰️ We are at the start of something very big! 10 days ago

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