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Blockchain infrastructure ID management software for any place and object

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Symbol NAVI
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1. Mar 2018

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

31. Mar 2018

3 months ago


Naviaddress is a global digital addressing system being deployed onto the blockchain. It will provide people and businesses with freedom and ability to create, obtain, own, lend and sell their digital addresses. They call them naviaddresses - unified digital IDs for any place and object in real and virtual worlds.

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Не дом и не улица. На чем будут зарабатывать создатели новой адресной системы Naviaddress | Технологии |






Mikhail Gamzin - Co-Founder

Dmitri Moiseev - CEO & Co-Founder

Mikhail Zelenin - VP, Product & Blockchain Architect

Dmitri Khmelidze - CFO

Dmitri Sukhanov - CTO

Andrey Li - VP, Integration & Strategic Partnerships

Alexander Sobolev - Community management

Rostislav Yavorskiy - Chief Scientist

Elina Yurina - VP of Business Development

Country of origin Cyprus


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​Progress Update #3 – June 16th · a day ago



Naviaddress Premium Beta 0.2 version · 16 days ago

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Progress Update #3! We have achieved some incredible results over the past few weeks! And even more is yet to come!… · a day ago

Great chance to #earn more NAVI tokens: write an article about Naviaddress, share it with your friends and submit t… · 4 days ago

Dmitri Moiseev, Naviaddress Co-Founder and CEO, speaks with @TechBullion about the first fully functional… · 10 days ago

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Progress Update #3 – June 16th Dear Community, We have achieved some incredible results over the past few weeks! And even more is yet to come! Here is a brief summary of the things we have accomplished and a small sneak preview of our plans for the nearest future. Check it out! ● We have finalized and approved our Strategic Development roadmap for 2018 – 2020. Our strategy is built on the Lean Startup methodology to ensure the build-measure-learn-feedback loop. This guarantees stable growth of our platform. We’ve already started the implementation of the strategy by detailed analysis of the industries that cope with "pain of last-mile delivery". ● Customer development has gained traction. Our study of common pains in express delivery industry has signaled painpoints in: inefficient address verification processes, low couriers’ productivity, undelivered post due to inaccurate addresses, etc. We are going to start several pilot projects with national delivery operators and e-commerce platforms in Russia within the coming weeks. This is to capture more insights and feedbacks from e-commerce and express delivery businesses and their customers to code and build into NAVI platform features and addressing services. ● Platform development is moving forward. Our Testnet Beta 0.2 is now live and we have been receiving productive feedback! You can now buy and sell Premium Naviaddresses and obtain them through auction; main smart contracts are upgradeable. Learn about our new Beta: ● New Team member is onboard. New Team member is onboard. Andrey Gershun has joined the Naviaddress project in the role of Vice-President for Partnerships and Customer Development. Andrey has got his education from Moscow State University (Computer Science) and Harvard Business School. He worked for Ernst and Young, Platinum Software, and was the founder and COO for MAG Consulting. His 25-years of entrepreneurial and IT consulting experience will influence and enhance the future development of the Naviaddress platform significantly. Andrey is an IT-enthusiast, ERP, EAM and BI-systems experience professional, EMBA lecturer, founder of a popular open source project AlaSQL: ( ● Dmitri Moiseev, Naviaddress Co-Founder and CEO, spoke with TechBullion about the first fully functional blockchain addressing platform for any place and object. Learn how the project will develop in the next 3 years: ● We are working on getting listed on a new exchange. We expect to receive a positive update by the end of this month! Stay tuned and thank you for supporting our Team and the project! a day ago

Binance Community Coin Vote Binance is launching round #7 of the “Community Coin Vote”. Participating in the Community Coin Vote is a great way to reach a larger audience and thus increase the awareness about Naviaddress. We know Binance is one of the most popular exchanges amongst our loyal Navi supporters. Therefore, we believe listing on their exchange would increase accessibility to our tokens and increase the adoption and utility of our addressing solution! How to vote? You can vote for roughly four days. Exact dates are: 15th of June 10:00 AM (UTC) to 19th of June 0:00 AM (UTC). • Each registered user can vote only once! Voting for Naviaddress takes at least 0,1 BNB. • Binance will take a final snapshot of each user’s BNB balance at the end of the competition, 19th of June at 0:00 AM (UTC) to determine the Final Multiplier. For every 1 BNB held in the balance, the Final Multiplier will be increased by 1, up to a maximum of 500! For example, at the time of snapshot, a user having 3.9 BNB in balance will have a Final Multiple of 3. A user having 1000 BNB in balance will have a Final Multiple of 500. • Each vote will be multiplied with the Final Multiplier! Thus the best strategy is to vote with 1/500th of your total BNB holding. Thank you for supporting Naviaddress: For further details about Binance’s initiative please head to: 2 days ago

Great chance to earn more NAVI tokens: write an article about Naviaddress, share it with your friends and submit the link to your post to our campaign page. Spread the Word about Naviaddress and get rewarded in tokens! Learn how to join the campaign: 4 days ago

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