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An open and decentralized platform for video broadcast and remote consultations markets

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Symbol ONL
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11. Mar 2018

2 months ago

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11. Apr 2018

1 months ago


The OnLive Platform revolutionises both the video broadcast and remote consultations markets. It offers unlimited scalability and availability utilising Blockchain Technology and a completely decentralised Peer-to-Peer network. Anyone can contribute to the system if they have the processing power and bandwidth. Smart incentivisation of these contributions guarantees decentralisation and creates a new economy driven by ONL tokens. Smart incentivisation of these contributions guarantees decentralisation and creates a new economy driven by ONL tokens.



Chris Rybka - Founder

Anna Rybka-Krysiak - Co-founder & Manager

Daniel Bayer - CEO

Simon Polok - Code & Development

Paweł Josiek - Supervisor iOS, Android and frontend team

Igor Farafanow - UX expert

Adam Ochmański - Supervisor of the team of administrators

Chris Janik - Controlling & Finances

Wiktor Żołnowski - Blockchain expert

Kuba Stefański - Blockchain expert

Paweł Maciszewski - Software development manager

Michał Jasiński - Legal counsel

Country of origin United Kingdom


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ONL is a utility token designed to be simultaneously a payment method for services within On.Live platform and a tradable asset with value determined by rules of blockchain driven economy. In contrast to many, pure speculative coins, which value is driven primarily by laws of supply and demand, with often only modest usage as a payment method for real goods, ONL is backed up by attractive software platform project, appealing by its countless perspective usage models across various industries. ONL tokens have diverse applications inside the platform, creating incentives for users to perform thoughtful actions, and keeping the platform thriving. There are several areas where employment of tokens is particularly beneficent in context of value of the platform and services offered by it. As a sole payment method, using ONL drives service providers towards offering quality services really demanded by consumers. It also pushes transcoding and rely node owners towards providing higher quality streams and good data throughput, by use of token staking mechanisms. ONL will propel affiliate programs where in return for service recommendation users can participate in service provider profits. Also such mundane thing like writing feedback and recommendations within the platform is awarded with tokens. Additionally, ONL is fast and secure method for value transfer between users of the platform and thanks to ERC20 compliance between really any person or system compatible with this widely acclaimed standard. Overall, basing the platform on tokenized transactions put many aspects of operation under detailed consideration. The way On.Live is finally thought out is to involve a gain of quality, usability and value in every possible area of platform operation by use of ONL, and give incentives for token turnover to the users. We are sure, such attitude will accelerate growth of On.Live and will lead to rise of ONL value on the exchanges for the benefit of all token holders. Check website 👉 Watch INTRO movie 👉 Watch platform VIDEO presentation 👉 Comment 👉 Follow our announcements 👉 Check ONL tokens safety 👉 Read whitepaper 👉 10 hours ago

Beauty gurus, filming YouTube tutorials gained recently a much unexpected popularity. Their viewers often spend 45 minutes watching single instructional video on how to achieve this perfect, trendy look for the next big evening. This may be perceived to be quite strange, by standing out clearly from the average time spend on single video by statistical user, which is dozen or so times shorter. This also shows, there is an unrelenting demand for tutorials in this area, and great potential for new channels of such kind. Generally speaking, advices by makeup artists and stylists are hugely popular. Most of beauty bloggers support their channels by affiliate programs, presenting and using products provided by the sponsors. Only less substantial part of their profit comes by monetization of subscriber base and number of views. Market conditions like this suggests that using legacy platforms only a few of the most popular vloggers are really profitable, and can make a living running the channel. For the rest, even the professionals, crossing the profitability barrier may be very hard. But not with On.Live, a video platform utilizing entirely different model of operation. Conceived primarily for live streaming, allows all style & beauty specialists to conduct payed live interactive make up or styling sessions with their clients. Using On.Live as an extension to pre-recorded content, hosted on other platforms can be additional source of revenue, and have substantial impact on popularity trough authentic live contact with audience. On.Live offers live interactive one-to-one and one-to-many sessions, and live broadcasts to virtually unlimited audience. Every vlogger either professional or just aspirating enthusiast, can use On.Live to extend his operation, and instantly earn with every conducted session. Our platform is open to everyone. For some people with good business plan may even become the only source of income. So if you are stylist, or makeup specialist and you were thinking about earning money by internet but couldn’t find right platform to do so, try On.Live – the open marketplace for live video advices and mass broadcasts. Join us, and grow your business with us! Check website 👉 Watch INTRO movie 👉 Watch platform VIDEO presentation 👉 Comment 👉 Follow our announcements 👉 Check ONL tokens safety 👉 Read whitepaper 👉 3 days ago

Technical & vocational Education can serve as example of attractiveness of On.Live platform in yet another industry. Operators in this industry provide courses and apprenticeships at secondary and post-secondary levels. These courses are typically offered through further education institutions, sixth form colleges, secondary schools and other specialist colleges. In UK alone, in the years following the 2008 downturn, government budget cutbacks led to a drop in training four times greater than any other European country. Growing internet economy and the strong recovery of construction markets, have created serious shortage of skills among workforce. Additionally, retirement of members of the baby boomer generation occupied in skilled trades, and students opting for non-vocational university courses also added to worsening skills gap in the country. The Technical & Vocational Education industry is anticipated to continue benefiting from increased demand for education from those looking to sharpen skills in order to prepare for the improving job market. Demand for skilled workers is expected to grow consistently over the next five years. Demand for further education and training of these employees is forecast to remain high and technology will become an increasingly integral part of vocational education, especially as more individuals are expected to opt for online courses. This is an area where On.Live can set its mark as a provider of cost effective platform and hardware infrastructure for third parties who can’t set up their own interactive on-line system due to its technical complexity and limitations of their budgets. Stationary vocational courses are typically delivered in smaller groups, often counting less than 20 people. Using On.Live removes this constraint, providing means to increase numbers of students and allowing to faster fulfil market demand for skilled employees. On.Live proves to be distinctly versatile tool, possible to apply to many scenarios and applicable to various segments of the market. If you are in the industry which can benefit from mass interactive live streaming solution, familiarize yourself with On.Live and see it as a partner for online expansion of your business. Join On.Live and grow with us! Check website 👉 Watch INTRO movie 👉 Watch platform VIDEO presentation 👉 Comment 👉 Follow our announcements 👉 Check ONL tokens safety 👉 Read whitepaper 👉 4 days ago

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