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Open Source University

World's Academic & Career Development Ledger

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4. Jun 2018

in 3 months

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1. Jul 2018

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The Open Source University blockchain is used as a distributed database to store learner certifications & acquired skills. Matching algorithm will handle big data calculations to connect businesses with the right candidates, optimising recruitment costs, sourcing time and precision. It differs from competing projects, as it is World's first Academic & Career Development Ledger.



Prof. Kevin Dowd - Visionary & Token Economics Lead

Gordon Kerr - Senior Investment Advisor

Hristian Daskalov - Project Lead

Jordan Jambazov - Technology Lead

Momchil Jambazov - Creative Technologist

Dobromir Kovachev - Blockchain Developer

Vladimir Tasev - Blockchain Developer

Petar Angelov - Developer

Teodora Alexieva - Marketing Specialist

Prof.Sergey Ignatov - Senior Academia Advisor

Stephan De Haes - Advisor

Detelina Smilkova - Senior Academia Advisor

Justin Looney - Project Supporter

Prof.Ognyan Andreev - Senior Research Advisor

Jeroen van Hertum - Business Advisor

Kalin Tsekov - Technology Advisor

Victor Zhang - Academia Advisor

Dr. Angel Georgiev - Senior Corporate Advisor

Yana Vangelova - Community Advisor

Kuzman Iliev - Research Advisor

Vladimir Sirkarov - Research Advisor

Evelina Prodanova - Organizational Advisor

Miglen Evlogiev - Technology Advisor

Denitsa Simeonova - Community Advisor

Iva Tsolova - Community Advisor

Dr. Miroslav Pantaleev - Academia Advisor

Country of origin Bulgaria


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Our CTO and CMO presented at Computational Law + Blockchain Festival Sofia (#clbfest2018). A global event to meet p… · a day ago

🔝🔝 Watch the latest video from our Project lead, @H_Daskalov. "Robots to replace 30% of jobs by 2025 (BBC)" What w… · 2 days ago

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist OS UNIVERSITY Live from The London School of Economics · 2 days ago

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Our Project Lead is one of the speakers at Cloud and Blockchain Forum 2018 on March 30th! The event is going to meet experts from the internet technology business in a discussion about the new #cloud solutions as well as the growing influence of the #Blockchain thanks to #smartcontracts. See you at the event! a day ago

Our CTO Jordan and CMO Teodora presented at Computational Law + Blockchain Festival Sofia. A global event gathering together people from different fields - programmers, designers, lawyers, researchers and students. We all tried to picture the future and the way it is going to look like with the blockchain technology having great impact on it already. Our team members explained how the #blockchain could be implemented in #education and how our platform provide a place for certification authorities to collaborate with Business and Learners a day ago

"Robots" to replace up to 30% of jobs by 2025, according to BBC. 35% of core employment #skills will change between 2015-2020, according to the World Economic Forum. At present, recruiters spend over a month and up to a few thousand dollars on #verifying employee credentials, according to industry-wide research. 30+ million U.S. learners with some college education, but no degree or certificate, according to the National Students Clearinghouse. 1,714% increase in tuition & fees since federal student loans introduction, according to Mises Institute, US. Higher #education penetration as low as 15% in world’s 2nd and 5th most populated nations - India and Brazil. Learn how the Open Source University addresses all of these issues in just 3 minutes, live from the London School of Economics annual scientific fair. 2 days ago

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