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Origami Network

ORI Origami Network

A network of decentralised marketplaces

23. Feb 2018 - 23. Mar 2018

Origami Network is an all-in-one decentralized marketplace platform that solves several existing problems related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow payments, and reviews. The Origami Network has a working product and several customers already on board benefitting from its technology. The Origami Network is based on three self-sufficient platforms:

o Origami Marketplace

o Origami Payment, and

o Origami Review.

These complementary platforms can be used in a modularized fashion or together. The Origami Network is the only Blockchain-Powered global solution that builds decentralized online marketplaces faster and easier than current models allow, while also utilizing blockchainbased escrow payments and improving review systems. The result is faster, easier, cheaper, and more reliable marketplace experiences for both consumer and business owner.



Julien Bruitte - CEO & Co-founder

Vincent Pichon - CTO & Co-founder

Alexandre Duquenoy - CMO & Co-founder

Country of origin France


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)