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14. Jun 2017

13 days ago

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14. Jul 2017

in 16 days


Orocrypt is a Panamanian-based company that will issue tokenized precious metals. Tokens will be backed by securely stored and audited precious metals, convertible on demand, and easily tradable. Tokens are secured on the Ethereum blockchain and will be compatible with all Ethereum wallets. They can be bought or sold instantly and seamlessly. Orocrypt will launch gold-backed tokens, each representing 30 g of LBMA compliant bullion gold. In the future, we will expand to Silver, Platinum and bespoke tokens

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Orocrypt to Add Stability of Gold to Cryptocurrencies by CoinTelegraph By Shivdeep Dhaliwal on CoinTelegraph



Alejandra De Gaustad - Founder & CEO

Jose Antonio De La Cerda - Secretary

Darlene Hart - CFO

Margaret Bentham - Director

Country of origin Panama


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https://t.co/zoDRWGmyjq · 3 days ago

Preliminary Road Map Announcement https://t.co/vSI3WOE2yx · 4 days ago

This is scam: https:// www. orocrypts . com Official website of Orocrypt: https://t.co/HPlmdXyWdM Legal actions will be made. · 10 days ago

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Please read our Preliminary Road Map Announcement: We have received a number of questions from investors and potential investors asking for more details of our road map for the future direction of the business and management felt it would be helpful to set out an outline of our plans. In addition to the launch our gold token in September 2017 and our silver token in October 2017, we are working on a solution to bring to market a token based on un-mined gold, where the assets have been properly valued and assessed by independent auditors of impeccable reputation. We will take careful consideration of the cost of extraction of the gold but we believe the margins can be substantial enough for this to represent a significant investment opportunity. Orocrypt will then be a position to launch asset backed tokens for other minerals. We expect to start working soon on the unmined token structure in order to make is so there is a valid legal claim on the digital assets. This token will provide a solid and less volatile ethereum based investment for those to expect gold price to increase in the medium and long term. More details will be announced as the negotiations and legal opinions progress. Your Orocrypt team http://www.orocrypt.com 4 days ago

WARNING! Please be alert — intruders copied Orocrypt Inc. website and recreated it on a new hosting trying to fraud our investors. Orocrypt Inc. only allow it’s investors to access their OROC tokens through the secure process of registration and confirmation of their identity. The process involves registration through a valid email and disclosing their identity in order to comply with all the company’s and Panamanian regulations. The fraudulent website’s proposes is to trick visitors to send money to their provided ethereum address without any registration. Please DO NOT process any payment on orocrypts dot com. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROTECT/REFUND YOU IF YOU MAKE A PAYMENT ON THIS FRAUDULENT WEBSITE. Our company is currently working taking legal actions against this fraud. THE OFFICIAL ADDRESS OF OROCRYPT INC. WEBSITE IS: http://orocrypt.com Please let us know if you notice any suspicious activities regarding our project. Thank you, Orocrypt Inc. Team 10 days ago

SCAM ALERT: Do NOT do any payments on this website: https://www.orocrypts.com. The official website of Orocrypt is https://www.orocrypt.com. Our company is going to take legal actions against this fraud. 10 days ago

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