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Crowdsale opening date

15. Oct 2017

in a month

Crowdsale closing date

15. Nov 2017

in 2 months


PayPie solves the problems of fraud and inconsistencies which exist in isolated accounting systems by allowing for live analysis of financial statements on the blockchain, which is intended to facilitate the determination of credit risk in lending operations. This analysis will be done using a single ledger approach and will consider the all-time historical financial information of participating businesses to safeguard and transform the way credit risk is assessed by lenders, investors, banks and other financial institutions while building an entire blockchain-backed ecosystem. All accounting inputs will be bound to the blockchain, which will secure the entire transaction-checking process in a trustless environment generating unbiased data.

Articles and research

PayPie Challenges Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Status Quo with the World’s First Ethereum Blockchain-Based Credit Risk Assessment by Richard Kastelein on Blockchain News

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Nick Chandi - Co-Founder and CEO

Jag Barpagga - Co-Founder and CIO

Yohan Varella - Head of Marketing

Pardeep Kumar - Platform Dev. Manager

Sulabh Singla - Technical Lead

Bogdan Fiedur - Blockchain Expert

Rajeev Ranjan - Risk Management Lead

Ben Samaroo - External Legal Counselor

Country of origin Canada


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