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Project Aiur
Project Aiur

AIUR Project Aiur

Democratizing Science through blockchain-enabled disintermediation

20. Nov 2018 - 18. Dec 2018

Current problems faced by the scientific community and the users of scientific content today include: (1) information overload; (2) access barriers; (3) reproducibility issues; (4) built-in biases; and, (5) incentive misalignment. Project Aiur will democratize science, disrupt research system incentives, and make scientific content accessible to all.They will initiate a decentralized community of researchers, coders and AI trainers using the blockchain. Together they will build a machine where a research article can be checked up against all other research in the world. This allows them to build a massive collection of knowledge that is validated and reproducible. Everyone who is a member will own the project, can earn AIUR tokens, can use the tools they build together, and can vote in important decisions. Creating an economy with well aligned incentives will enable the uprooting of an industry which today is hindering scientific progress.

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Anita Schjøll Brede - CEO & Co-Founder

Victor Botev - CTO & Co-Founder

Jacobo Elosua - CFO & Co-Founder

Maria Ritola - CMO & Co-Founder

Georgi Dimitrov - Head of Development

Ami Defesche - Head of Community

Karita Kasurinen - Sales/Marketing

LimeChain - Blockchain development

Ronin Wu - AI Research Engineer

Valentin Stauber - AI Research Engineer

Volodymyr Krekhovetskyi - Frontend developer

Iryna Belotserkovets - Frontend developer

Ihor Zhun - Backend developer

Rosen Martev - Backend developer

Stefan Vasilev - Backend developer

Antonia Chekrakchieva - Backend developer

Eugene Gurikov - Quality Assurance Automation

Country of origin Bulgaria


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