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Massive multiplayer online real time economic strategy

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10. Aug 2017

6 months ago

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10. Sep 2017

5 months ago


Multiplayer online real time economic strategy on Blockchain. It will be based on the real economic model of the second part of 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries

Articles and research

How Blockchain Can Benefit Gaming Industry Worth $4.5 bln by 2020 by CoinTelegraph By Shivdeep Dhaliwal on CoinTelegraph



Andriy Maslievich - Cofounder & leading developer and smart-contract developer

Nazar Chervinskiy - Cofounder

Max Karkach - Cofounder & Developer, designer and illustrator.

Oksana Vasylytsya - Cofounder & leading economic model developer

Taras Yeserskiy - Cofounder & author

Sergiy Chervinskiy - Cofounder & author and illustrator

Country of origin Ukraine


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Dear friends! We are glad to introduce you the main characters of our game. @prospectorsgame,… · 14 days ago

No doubt that the idea of finding #gold still excites the mind. Surprisingly enough, placer gold prospecting has b… · 16 days ago

Here's another quick history lesson about the pros and cons that came as a consequence of the #gold rush. It had s… · 17 days ago

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Dear friends! We are glad to introduce you the main characters of our game. _________________________________________________________________ telegram - twitter - 14 days ago

The Endless Lure of Gold Prospecting: There is no doubt that the idea of finding gold still excites the mind. With new television shows showcasing the possibilities that Alaska holds for gold mining and the many California streams that can still be successfully panned, it is hard not to wonder just how much a person could make. However, without gold prospecting, it’s hardly worth the time and money to hunt for gold. Gold prospecting types and methods used can vary widely depending upon the prospector, the resources available and the deposit type. Placer gold prospecting has become quite a popular recreational activity over the past few decades. Why? Well, placer gold rarely requires more than a simple gold pan, a good panning technique, and a keen eye. Since this can be done without heavy equipment, the expense is minimal. All this to say, the motivation and the dream of gold prospecting is still alive and well. It's interesting to see if it will continue though! 16 days ago

Some Other Pros & Cons: After the easily accessible gold in Alaska was soon exhausted, the miners depleted entire forests for fuel and building material and permanently altered the landscape. The biggest losers were the Natives. For them, the gold rush meant a drastic reduction in moose, caribou, and small game as prospectors hunted these for food. In many areas, gold mining resulted in the destruction of salmon streams. Contact with white men also had consequences like drinking and disease. Prior to the 1896 gold rush, the indigenous communities had lived in harmony with the land for centuries. The impact of the gold rush on the Native peoples of the region was considerable. The Tlingit and the Koyukon peoples prospered in the short term from their work as guides, packers and from selling food and supplies to the prospectors. In the longer term, however, the Han people living in the Klondike region especially suffered from the environmental damage of the gold mining on the rivers and forests, as well as from the creation of Dawson. The Han, who fished at the site of Dawson, experienced chaos and dislocation. Within a very brief time, the Han banks and their neighbors gained and then lost a large and profitable market for their meat and fish, and with it a key source of cash and trade goods. Depleted wildlife populations disrupted Native subsistence patterns, and the white hunters and fishers who remained in the goldfields competed with Natives for those resources that remained, for specific fishing sites, and for the right to sell food to miners. Their population had already begun to decline after the discovery of gold along Fortymile River in the 1880s but dropped catastrophically after their move to the reserve, a result of the contaminated water supply and smallpox. The Han found only a few ways to benefit economically from the gold rush but their fishing and hunting grounds were largely destroyed. On the bright side, there were also some positive side-effects in the United States. For example, the output of Klondike and later of Alaska gold from Nome meant the end of the depression. North of the border, the transcontinental rail traffic that the Klondike inspired became an important factor in the great western Canadian boom that ran unfettered for more than a decade. 17 days ago

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