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REXX Rexpax

World's Home Online

20. Mar 2018 - 20. Apr 2018

Rexpax is a platform for sharing items with neighbors and people living nearby. You distribute all your home items into digital shelves and rooms so that your neighbors feel free to borrow or rent them from you. Sharing Economy is the project’s philosophy solving the problem of things’ availability. This model provides an active interaction between people with common interests and allows you to profit from items without having to own them. Blockchain is designed to solve the problems of sharing economy, which gives rise to a new economy, since the basis of blockchain and sharing economy of mutual consumption are of the same values and principles of work.



Mikhail Siaredich - CEO & Founder

Artem Barouski - COO & Co-founder

Andrei Korniushko - CFO & Co-founder

Dmitry Kholadau - CHRO & Сo-founder

Vladimir Bogdanovich - Senior Backend Developer

Evgeny Lipey - Senior Full Stack Developer

Vyacheslav Dorofeychick - Senior Frontend Developer

Olga Radyuk - UX/UI Designer

Aleksander Perednya - QA Lead

Valentin Eyubolu - Lead iOS Developer

Yanina Necker - Lead Android Developer

Pavel Gunko - Middle Android Developer

Dmitry Haudur - Lawyer

Tatyana Parkhimovich - Marketing Specialist

Country of origin Belarus


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)