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SHRP Sharpay

Share button with blockchain profit

1. Mar 2018 - 31. May 2018

Sharpay is a share button of the next generation, which allows for one-click distribution of the content on social media with targeting and reward for click-through. As opposed to traditional analogues, Sharpay provides multisharing of information, i.e. it makes it possible for users to one-click post the content on their pages on multiple social media at a time. Information posting becomes more convenient; moreover, after sharing each user gets blockchain-based tokens. Sharpay is a new simple hi-tech blockchain-based SMM-tool for websites with embedded economic model of process incentive. Sharpay button extends traditional digital marketing battery and gives new possibilities for digital content, goods and services promotion. Sharpay ensures effective promotion of content on the Internet with targeting of viewers, rewards for click-through of the visitors corresponding to the established parameters and anti-cheat system will significantly increase their site traffic and sales conversion. Users clicking Sharpay buttons and distributing websites’ content will get a fair payment for being active on social media and for the click-thoughs on the posted links by their subscribers: the more subscribers and click-throughs — the higher the reward gained by the user who shared the link.



Anton Solodikov - CEO

Igor Karavaev - CBDO

Arkady Yasashny - CFO

Alexey Stukarchuk - CTO

Valery Yushchenko - Software Engineer

Ilya Afanasiev - Support Engineer

Levi Yau - Regional Manager

Mark Vdovskikh - Marketing Manager

Katerina Molodova, SMM Manager

Olga Rayner - Community Manager

Daria Dreimanis - Community Manager

Vadim Scherbak - Community Manager

Country of origin Belize


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