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SILK SilkChain

Revolutionzing Internationl trade

8. Jun 2018 - 5. Aug 2018

Silkchain is a blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade. For its fundraising, the project has gathered the most influential members and participants. The project has gathered world leading business groups, trading companies, e-commerce companies, logistics, warehousing and finance companies from around the world. The participants involved firmly believe in the mutually benefital, mutually trusting principals of the project. The members are committed to transform their respective centralized systems to a decentralized, open, transparent, trusted ecosystem. We are united around the goal of sharing more resources, and profits to create a bigger, and more efficient market to improve the long term sustainability of global trade.



Abdullah Saeed Al-Mobty - President

Kevin Fenn - Executive Vice President

Djunaidi Lie - Vice President

Jiatao Chen - Member

Bartosz Komasa - Member

Gary Szlatiner - Member

Levin Dmitry Alexandrovich - Member

Sergio Adler - Member

Danny Chan - Member

Duong Nhu Thang - Member

Peter Gong - Member

Roger Szlatiner - Foundation Advisor

Jerzy Rzymanek - Foundation Advisor

Roger Szlatiner - Foundation Advisor

Dr. Eike B. Post - Foundation Advisor

Danny Rowshandel - Foundation Advisor

Oleg Brytskyi - Foundation Advisor

Khaled Mousa - Team Leader

Wesley Wu - Chief Architect

Rosbit Xu - Principle Architect

Eric Zhong - Senior Architect

Lucien Wang - Product Specialist

Ziling Deng - Chief Product Manager

Country of origin Singapore


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