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Certified Skills on Blockchain

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Symbol SKI
Token sale opening date

11. May 2018

11 days ago

Token sale closing date

26. May 2018

in 3 days


Skillchain aims to build a world where individuals who stand out singularly for their abilities, track records and completed academic curricula are duly rewarded



Alfio Bardolla - Founder

Davide Mitscheunig - Co-Founder & Marketing & Relations

Alecos Colombo - Product Manager

Enrico Tosi - CTO

Alessandro Sandionigi - Business Development Manager

Giorgia Pellizzari - Asia Representative

Martim Ventosa - Users Special Projects

Fabiano Roberto - Blockchain Developer

Andrea Votadoro - Solidity Developer

Mirko Rapisarda - Solidity Developer

Domenico Lupo - Front-end Developer

Country of origin Switzerland


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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The future of blockchain is more than cryptocurrencies · 2 months ago

How blockchain and reliable certification can bring clarity to the job market · 2 months ago

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生涯技能护照将成为未来的履历,准确性和透明化的数据将被存取于 #区块链 当中,由此建立一个具权威性的协议,让您能够验证并保证您的技能。 $SKI $ETH #crypto · 3 days ago

The Life Skill Passport will be the CV of the future. Accuracy and transparency of data will be stored in the… · 3 days ago

智能合约正在为全新的应用程式铺路,并取消交易中间人的存在,可以说是#区块链 的新未来!在Skillchain,智能合约扮演四大重要角色:存取数据、用户资讯、企业讯息以及公开培训机构。 $SKI $ETH #crypto · 4 days ago

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🔥HOT🔥 Nuovo Community Contest di Skillchain 🔥 Registrati e compila il form qui sotto:👌 Il community contest ti permette di entrare attivamente a far parte del progetto Skillchain e di essere tra i primi a vedere validati i propri attestati/diplomi. E la parte migliore è che... PARTECIPANDO OTTIENI SKI!! CLICCA QUI 🗂 ✅ PER TE 20 SKI: compila la prima parte del form (informazioni base + informazioni avanzate) ✅PER TE FINO A 5000 SKI: mettici in contatto con i tuoi enti e scuole di formazione di fiducia ✅PER TE 5 SKI PER OGNI AMICO che ci presenti: mettici in contatto con uno o piu' amici che abbiano frequentato corsi o scuole con te 🚀 ❗ ISTRUZIONI ❗ 📌REGISTRATI su 📌UTILIZZA LA STESSA MAIL sia per l'iscrizione al contest che per la registrazione al sito 📌ENTRA NEL NOSTRO GRUPPO UFFICIALE ➡ COSA ASPETTI???⏳ DIVENTA PARTE DI SKILLCHAIN !🙌 5 days ago

🔥 New Community Contest on Skillchain 🔥 We are launching a new activity for our Skillchain prototype, now you just need to fill this form and share the informations with us! You will get chance to start the process of permanent certification of your Diplomas / Certificates by Skillchain. The best of all... win some more SKI tokens! 👫👬👭 Let's Connect 👫👬👭 Enter the form, and follow the steps! 🗂 How many tokens can you get?! ✅You will win 20 SKI after finish the section of " BONUS BASIC INFORMATION"+"BONUS ADVANCED INFORMATION" ✅You will win from minimum 100 to 5000 SKI (depends on the info you provide) when you finish the "BONUS CONTACT INSTITUTION/ COMPANY" section. :warning:This will require you to provide the direct contacts of the institutions or companies that you have been work with! ✅You will win 5 SKI for each contact of your friends or colleagues that you provide in "BONUS FRIENDS / COURSE COLLEAGUES" section, the maximum tokens you can earn by finishing this section will be NO LIMIT! 🚀The more you share, the more you get! 🚀 ❗To participate in the Contest, don't forget❗ 📌Register on 📌Use the same email and ETH address that you've registered on Skillchain website for the Community Contest form 📌Join our official Telegram group ➡ What are you still waiting for? ⏳ Come be a part of the Skillchain community and join the contest!🙌 5 days ago

Version 0.1 of Skillchain’s platform will be released soon: our team has been working hard to bring you the best product to certify your skills! In the meanwhile, check out our prototype on (you have to login to your dashboard to see it) 7 days ago

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